1.Site selection
Uncovers premium sites around the globe
Analyses price trends of local real estates
Overall picture of amenities and leasing demand of the neighbourhood
Local insight into the policies of overseas property markets

Consults with local governments to complement the city’s planning
Injects unique elements into standout projects
Joins forces with architects, designers and building contractors from project planning
Formulates financing plans and controls cost estimates

Establishes timeline for the construction cycle
Stringent selection of raw material manfacturers
Ensures smooth transportation and assembly of raw materials
Weekly follow-up with project progress to target contingencies

Positions project and formulates sales strategies
Collaborates with distribution channels in the UK, the Middle East, Hong Kong, China and Singapore
One-stop property purchasing service
Updates prospective owners with project progress and relevant information

Premium lease services
24-hour butler service and property protection from all directions
Smart communities with enhanced security and residential experience
Assists owners on reselling in the second-hand market in future

The shared-development programme created by One Heritage is a breakthrough from the traditional real estate development model. Individual investors can now invest on premium property projects from a much earlier stage. The innovative model does not only improves the overall transparency and lowers potential risks, but also locks in profits for investors. Complemented by professional property management service and well thought-out smart communities, One Heritge is redefining the future of the real estate industry.